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Veteran Pushed onto Subway Track, Insists on Meeting Dany Chen to Highlight Urgent Issues

When a local veteran and former police officer in rehabilitation made a personal request for Dany Chen, Flushing City Council candidate, to visit him, Dany didn’t hesitate. Despite the demands of a rigorous campaign, Dany prioritized this request, showing the dedication he brings to serving his community.

The video above provides a glimpse into this heartfelt visit. The veteran shared his traumatic experience of being pushed onto a subway track, resulting in serious injury. This shocking incident highlights the growing concern over public safety in Flushing, a concern Dany is passionately addressing through his campaign.

This isn’t just a single case – across Flushing, residents are reaching out to Chen, demonstrating their trust in his ability to address their deepest concerns. The senior’s insistence on meeting Chen underscores the support he is receiving from the community and their faith in his ability to advocate for them.

Chen’s platform includes fighting crime and improving safety, calling for changes to the bail system, and increasing police presence to keep pace with Flushing’s growing population. His personal values, which center around compassion, support, and community engagement, are at the heart of his campaign.

This touching encounter with the veteran underlines why Dany is running for City Council – to ensure every resident in our community, especially our seniors and veterans, feel secure and valued.

As Election Day nears, we urge you to make your vote count. Stand with Dany Chen on June 27th to bring about the change we need in our community. Together, we can work towards a safer, better Flushing for everyone.

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